Your diet isn’t “normal”


Anyone else feel this way?  I am fully convinced that eating a vegan, plant based diet is normal, however society often tells me differently. 

This post is spawned into existence because I, Mary Beth, would like to participate in the activities of my peers.  (Today is not the first time I’ve had this experience.) I would like to enjoy a night out with my girlfriend doing something absolutely random.  I was offered free tickets to see a show that includes a dinner buffet.  This situation always makes me hesitant because I hate being hungry.  If I weren’t vegan, this would be a massive score.  FREE FOOD, FREE SHOW (and my dearest love of people watching… please let there be mullets).

I take full responsibility for my food.  I call ahead.  The kind woman on the other end of the phone looks into it for me and says she can’t promise that anything on the buffet will be vegan because they use butter. 

Here is what I picture:


Butter soaked salad – Fruit salad laced with butter – this butter stick handed out at the door

Paula Dean serving up slabs of butter when handing you a plate at the front of the line

The truth is, I was not expecting to have a vegan buffet, but perhaps a couple choices.  (and I’m sure there will be a salad bar, I can’t imagine there not to be)

My take away from this is that we must keep asking for options. 

Keep asking!  No, I’m not on a diet, that is not why I’m eating a salad

I’m eating a salad because I choose to eat non processed plant based foods

I’m not weird, I’m compassionate

I’m compassionate toward myself and other beings

Be strong

Be weird

Be the new “normal”

Eat plant strong


One response to “Your diet isn’t “normal”

  1. Progress is slow, but i’ve found that more places are becoming a bit more vegan friendly. Baby steps!

    But yeah, can be a little frustrating sometimes! All we can do is smile and be the change that we want to see!

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